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Prairie Ridge Care Center

1005 7th Street NE Orange City, Iowa 51041

Visiting Hours

Please call for visiting hours: 712.707.6000


Prairie Ridge Care Center is an 89 bed Skilled Nursing facility which includes an 11 bed memory care cottage.

We believe that when an individual comes to live at Prairie Ridge Care Center we have been entrusted with someone’s loved one and we take that trust seriously.  We commit to being open and honest with our residents and their families. Taking the best care of each resident is done most successfully when we and the family work together as a team.

Licensed nurses are on duty around the clock, attending to the medical concerns of each resident as detailed in their individual care plans. Certified Nurse Assistants provide for each resident’s personal care needs and provide therapy as directed by a licensed physical therapist. Host/hostesses; the Activity department staff; food service, maintenance and housekeeping staff all serve together to be actively involved to make life for each resident as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

The overriding concept behind Prairie Ridge Care Center is that it is to be a HOME — and that means that the care and activities have to be resident centered. This includes things as basic as letting residents sleep as long as they wish, stay up as long as they wish, eat what and when they desire, and engage in the things THEY want to do.

We are pleased to have made a strong commitment to changing our culture from a medical model in which nursing has tended to dominate life, to a home model in which the activities the residents want to do dominates life and nursing undergirds that. Each staff person receives this challenge regarding every new resident who comes to us:

  1. What did this person do before they got here?
  2. Do they still want to do that?
  3. If so, how can we make that happen?

And just as importantly is that we ask ourselves, “What opportunities and experiences can we provide that we feel will enrich the lives of our residents?”