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The cottages and resident rooms at Prairie Ridge Care Center

Just as one leaves the center of any community to enter the residential areas, so it is at Prairie Ridge.

Leaving the Village, one traverses either hallway until reaching a “porch” which is the visual cue that you are entering a residential area – specifically a “cottage.” Prairie Ridge has four resident cottages. Grandview, Pheasant Run, and Countryside Cottages are each home to 24 residents. Sunrise Cottage is home to 11 memory care residents.

Each cottage features a spacious kitchen/dining and living area.  Meals are brought here from the main kitchen. In addition to the multiple menu offerings each meal time, residents may choose from our “always available” menu and have snacks from the fully stocked cottage kitchen any time they wish, or head for the Sidewalk Cafe for a burger or hot dog.

A family room in each cottage allows residents to entertain visitors for meals, games, or visiting. Families often reserve these rooms for small gatherings and parties with their loved ones.

Prairie Ridge practices what is called “consistent staffing,” meaning the same nurses, CNAs, housekeepers, and hosts/hostesses work in a specific cottage rather than move throughout all of Prairie Ridge. The intent of this is to enhance the relationships with residents.

Each cottage has a secure patio area where residents and visitors can sit in the fresh air, attend to their cottage vegetables or flowers, or be entertained by our egg-laying chickens, potbellied pigs, lop-eared rabbits, and pygmy goats.

From 6:30am until 10pm the cottage host or hostess involves residents in scheduled and spontaneous activities, serves meals and snacks and acts as the “mom or dad” of the cottage, always there to lend a hand or an ear.