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The Imaging Center at the Orange City Area Health System consists of state-of-the-art equipment across several different modalities in an environment centered on patient comfort. Our skilled technologists work closely with physicians across multiple specialties to obtain clear, accurate diagnostic images while delivering efficient and compassionate care. Our team consists of several trained technologists, led by Dr. Jameson Guthmiller – a radiologist with expertise in image interpretation and a passion for serving the patients of our local communities.

Orange City Area Health System is committed to providing imaging services with the most current advances in technology in place. Recent improvements in MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Mammography equipment assure our patients that they will not compromise quality by choosing care closer to home.

We offer imaging services in multiple modalities:

  • Digital X-Ray: Images are immediately available and crystal clear in digital format. We have a room dedicated to x-ray, another room with x-ray that doubles as a fluoroscopy (live x-ray) suite for special procedures. There are also 2 portable x-ray machines available for our less mobile patients, and a portable unit for imaging during surgery cases.
  • Mammography: Advances in technology paired with a strong commitment to annual screening are providing our women with the best chance to detect breast changes early. In the fight against breast cancer, having the latest in 3D technology and highly trained staff and physicians gives our patients a head start by providing early detection for better outcomes.
  • Computed Tomography (CT): Using advancements in computer reprocessing and radiation dose reduction, getting a CT scan is quicker and safer than ever before. CT is an invaluable tool for fast detection of stroke or trauma, and is capable of visualizing several types of tissue with great clarity. CT can also be used a screening tool for early detection of lung cancers or measuring cardiac calcium levels that help indicate the risk of heart attack. 
  • MRI: When purchasing a new MRI scanner, of course technology was a key factor. However, the main focus was on patient comfort. With faster scan times, a larger opening for patients, state-of-the-art sound system, and soft “blanket-like” imaging aids you can be assured that your MRI experience is more comfortable than ever before.
  • Ultrasound:  Real-time visual images using sound wave technology is valuable in diagnosing conditions in the abdomen, pelvis, soft tissues, or breasts as well as identifying vascular abnormalities. Trust us to give you the first look at the newest family member-to-be with 3D and 4D images and prenatal imaging expertise that spans decades. Our ultrasound guided joint injections ensure that pain relief is delivered to the source of pain providing maximum results.
  • DEXA/Bone Densitometry: Stay ahead of fractures by assessing the strength of bones with a low dose x-ray test. Screening for osteoporosis is an essential part of post-menopausal care.
  • Echocardiography: Using ultrasound technology, images are taken to evaluate function, strength, and structure of our most essential muscle – the heart. Images are taken in real time and then passed on to specialists in cardiology who work closely with your doctor to give you fast, accurate results.
  • Nuclear Medicine: We provide professionals and technology in nuclear imaging through a partnership with DMS Imaging. This experienced group performs studies in cardiac imaging, cancer care, digestive studies, thyroid function, and more by bringing the scanner to you – saving you travel time and expense.

Our Women’s Imaging Center offers a private, quiet place to wait for your mammogram, ultrasound, or bone density studies.

Dr. Jameson Guthmiller, Radiologist, talks about our Diagnostic Imaging services.

Orange City Area Health System offers 3D Mammography, an advanced screening technology for early detection of breast cancer.