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Clinical Pharmacy

The Clinical Pharmacists who service our hospital and medical clinics monitor and manage patients’ medications.

In the hospital, the Clinical Pharmacists teach patients about their new medications, making sure they understand how to use them properly at home, and telling them what side effects to expect. The pharmacists also visit with patients in the clinic – helping with Medicare Wellness Visits and reviewing patients’ medication lists, ensuring our patients are on medications that work, are safe, and are affordable.

The Clinical Pharmacists keep our providers up to date on new medication guidelines and work closely with patients who want to explore their options when medication treatment is necessary.

Examples of what the clinical pharmacist does in the clinic:
• Meets with patients having trouble affording their medications; can help switch patients to the most cost effective alternative.
• Meets with patients on blood thinners and helps adjust their medications.
• Educates patients on the correct way to use inhalers so they get the most benefit from the medication.
• Reviews medication lists looking for drugs that do not work well together and could be causing side effects.
• Provides information regarding smoking cessation options and following up with patients to encourage them.
• Works with physicians to pick the medication that will work best with their other medications and health concerns.

Services offered:
Pharmacogenomic testing
• Medication education and counseling
• Medication cost evaluation and management
• Assist with insurance prior authorizations
• Immunization education and schedules
• Disease state management

Orange City Area Health System CEO Marty Guthmiller visits with Clinical Pharmacist Amy Van Gorp about the services offered to patients, residents, and families throughout the health system.