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Mick Vanden Bosch, MD, offers ophthalmology services exclusively at Orange City Area Health System.

Procedures offered by Dr. Vanden Bosch include:

• Extraction cataract

• Blepharoplasty

• Probing lacrimal duct

• Repair of strabismus muscle

• Ptosis correction

• Yag laser

• Glaucoma stents

• Repair of ecropion and entropian

• Cyst removal (excision chalazion)

• Ptergium removal

• Miscellaneous biopsies

Dr. Vanden Bosch sees patients weekly on Thursdays in our Specialty Clinic and performs surgical procedures monthly in our Same Day Surgery Center.

No referral is needed. Patients can call the Orange City Area Health System Specialty Clinic at 712-737-5241 to schedule an appointment, or ask their Optometrist to help schedule an evaluation with Dr. Vanden Bosch’s team.

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