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Sports Medicine

Enhancing the athletic experience when injury care is needed

Orange City Area Health System’s team of sports medicine physicians and physical therapists provide care with the most recent advances in medical and rehabilitation methods to help athletes of any age and ability return to performing their sport. The Sports Medicine Clinic builds on the outstanding quality and personalized care at Orange City Area Health System by giving a pathway for athletes to access sports-specific care.

Our Sports Medicine Clinic phone line helps athletes receive timely sports-specific attention through evaluation by a physical therapist and/or sports medicine physician to provide treatment and a plan for getting back to full sports participation.

Physical therapy/rehab — including our free Monday morning walk-in injury screening clinic — is located in MB1 at the west end of our main campus in Orange City.

Our Sports Medicine Clinic, with Dr. Mark Muilenburg and Dr. Taylor Dreise, is integrated in our Family Medicine Clinic on the main campus. Orthopedic services/surgeries are also offered on our main campus, providing a seamless path from diagnosis through interventions through rehabilitation and return to work and play.
The doctors and physical therapists on our Sports Medicine team work with patients, coaches, athletic trainers, family physicians, and orthopedic surgeons at Orange City Area Health System’s Family Medicine Clinic.
Sports medicine physicians Dr. Taylor Dreise and Dr. Mark Muilenburg work closely with athletic trainers to diagnose and treat injuries.

• Injury evaluation
• Imaging studies: ultrasound, MRI, radiograph, CT
• Manual therapies
• Therapeutic exercise
• Aquatic exercise
• Splint fabrication
• Injection therapies
• Medication prescription
• Vitamin D and Ferritin testing
• Running evaluation
• Throwing evaluation
• Golf swing evaluation
• Return-to-sport testing
• Surgical referral
• Post-operative rehabilitation
• Concussion evaluation:
ImPACT™ • Biodex assessments • SCAT5™
• Blood flow restriction training
• Isokinetic strength testing

Monday morning walk-in sports medicine clinics for athletic injury screenings

No appointment is needed between the hours of 7:30am and 9am on Mondays. Just “walk in!”

We also offer appointments Monday-Friday by calling 712-707-6076.

Our Monday morning athletic injury walk-in clinic is designed to give prompt attention to recent injuries. The walk-in clinic involves a free screening consultation with a physical therapist, and then advice for moving on to a visit with a sports medicine physician, a formal physical therapy evaluation and treatment, or advice for self-care and activity level recommendations. Our therapists will communicate with the physicians and coaches, at your request, to get to the quickest and best outcome for safe return to play.