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Pediatric Care

When it comes to kids, parents want to make the very best choice in health care. From a newborn … to an elementary-age child … to a teen athlete … until they leave the nest. Our team of Family Medicine providers are here to serve your family, through the generations. Your family physician is your partner at all stages of life. He or she works closely with our Pediatric Care Team to provide personalized approaches to health and well-being.

Integrated pediatric services at Orange City Area Health System include:

• Pediatrician Dr. Megan Fretham
• Behavioral health provider Dr. DeeJay Donlin
• Pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy
• General surgery
• Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT)
• Sports medicine
• Oral surgery
• Pediatric dental surgery​

Pediatric Medicine

Dr. Megan Fretham joined our family medicine team in 2019. She is our first staff Pediatrician, and cares for children from babies to age 19.
1000 Lincoln Circle SE
Orange City, IA 51041

Physical , Occupational, and Speech Therapy

Our therapy and rehab teams work closely with your family physician and pediatrician – as well as our orthopedic surgeons and behavioral health providers – to provide holistic, integrated care for your children and teens.

Physical therapy
• Aquatic therapy
• Bowel and bladder training
• Gross motor delays
• Increased or decreased muscle tone
• Delayed walking
• Balance and vestibular therapy
• Neurological rehabilitation
• Torticollis/plagiocephaly
• General orthopedic injuries
• Intensive pediatric treatments with Therasuit

Occupational therapy
• Sensory processing
• Feeding and eating skills
• Reflex integration
• Visual rehabilitation
• Fine motor delay
• Therapeutic listening
• Aquatic therapy
• General orthopedic injuries
• Activities of Daily Living

Speech therapy
• Expressive and receptive language
• Articulation and Phonological Process delay
• Apraxia
• Feeding and swallowing skills
• Augmentative & Alternative Communication (ACC)

Behavioral Health

Our Behavioral Health Clinic is integrated with our family medicine services to offer patient-centered care. Dee Jay Donlin, Ph.D., LP, serves as Staff Clinical Psychologist in the behavioral health clinic, which is located in the family practice clinic at the Orange City campus. Dr. Donlin works closely with our primary care providers to offer holistic, patient-centered, coordinated behavioral health care.