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Orange City Area Health System Receives the 2019 Women’s Choice Award® as one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Experience

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Orange City Area Health System has been named one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Experience by the Women’s Choice Award®, America’s trusted referral source for the best in healthcare. The award signifies that Orange City Area Health System has been ranked within the top 100 hospitals of similar size based on number of beds, of which there were four categories. This is the sixth consecutive year that the health system has received this distinction.

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, good patient experience positively correlates to disease management, adherence to treatment plans, and health outcomes. Providing good patient experience also results in greater employee morale and satisfaction, thereby reducing turnover and helping recruit top talent. Orange City Area Health System is one of a total of 400 award recipients representing the hospitals that have met the highest standards for patient experience in the U.S. by the Women’s Choice Award.

“It is particularly gratifying to receive this recognition because it comes from those we strive to serve,” commented Marty Guthmiller, CEO of Orange City Area Health System. “It is a testament to the care provided by our health system team every day.”

“This hospital was awarded because it is one of the best at treating their patients the way their patients want and expect to be treated,” said Delia Passi, founder and CEO of the Women’s Choice Award. “Healthcare choice is a critical decision, particularly for women, who make over 80% of healthcare. Our designation makes it easier for her to choose a healthcare partner where she and her family are more likely to have a better experience and outcome.”

The methodology used to select Orange City Area Health System as one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Experience is unique in that it evaluates specific Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey results along with primary research about women’s healthcare preferences.

The Women’s Choice Award collects the data for the following HCAHPS survey measures and uses a weighted average to award the best hospitals for patient experience:

  • Effective communication with nurses and doctors
  • Responsiveness to requests for help
  • Providing patient recovery information
  • Explanation about medications before being administered
  • Bathroom and room cleanliness
  • Peacefulness of room at night
  • Patient recommendation rating

For more information on America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Experience, please visit https://www.womenschoiceaward.com/best-hospitals/

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Skytron UVC system provides whole-room infection control

Orange City Area Health System recently installed and trained personnel on the Skytron “disinfection robot.” This leading-edge technology disinfects all surfaces, including “shadows,” using high levels of UVC energy.

“We had researched this system previously and were intrigued with its potential,” explained Marty Guthmiller, CEO of Orange City Area Health System. “With the advent of COVID-19, it became an easy choice to implement for all of our facilities. Because of its portability and relatively small footprint, we can move it literally anywhere – including in our ambulance after transferring a patient.”

Skytron’s Ultraviolet C (UVC) provides an effective method of microorganism inactivation for contaminated air and surfaces. This “smart technology” enhances traditional manual cleaning protocols in hospitals to stop the spread of pathogens, such as coronavirus. According to the manufacturer, UVC “offers whole-room-disinfection capabilities, which help reduce the spread of viruses, bacteria, and fungus by denaturing their DNA.”

“The ultraviolet light technology is one more tool in our toolkit for helping with mitigation at this time, as we ensure a safe environment for patients and staff alike,” added Guthmiller. “After we are past this COVID-19 outbreak, this system will continue to serve us moving forward – with other infections, or in surgery or seasonal flu or really anywhere we need it.”

Orange City Area Health System will be using this whole-room, germ-killing unit throughout their facilities where needed, including the hospital, medical clinics, and senior care campus.

To stay up-to-date with Orange City Area Health System’s responses and measures addressing the coronavirus situation, visit ocHealthSystem.org and the COVID-19 page, and follow the health system’s Facebook page.

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Please call 712-737-2000 for appointments with one of our providers. You will be guided regarding screenings and face coverings, as well as where to check in for your specific medical and wellness needs.

Walk-In Clinic temporarily closed weekdays
Orange City Area Health System operates several family medicine clinics to serve patients in northwest Iowa and the region. During the coronavirus outbreak, the medical clinics are providing certain services and hours of operation to best serve both well and acute patients, as follows:
Orange City Medical Clinic on main campus in Orange City, Iowa
Monday-Friday 7:30am-5pm and Saturdays 8am-noon
Walk-In Clinic at Holland Plaza in Orange City
Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm
Hospers Medical Clinic in Hospers, Iowa
Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm
Mill Creek Family Practice in Paullina, Iowa
Monday-Friday 9am-4:30pm
People with symptoms including shortness of breath, fever, cough, etc. should call ahead at 712-737-2000 and they will be directed to either an acute clinic or to the hospital’s emergency room. For appointments in one of the Well Clinics please call 712-737-2000.
For regular updates on Orange City Area Health System’s services and responses to COVID-19, visit ocHealthSystem.org and/or follow their Facebook page.
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-by Christin Konz, OTD, OTR/L

During this unique time with COVID-19, families and parents are encountering very different circumstances than they have faced before. These circumstances vary greatly from family to family and are affected by parents being unable to work, parents working from home, or parents working out of the home as an essential worker while children are at home or being cared for by others. Whether parents are at home with their children or are at work, this can leave parents wondering if they are doing enough. There are many tools circulating through social media and the internet with useful ways to assist children during this time off from school which can be very beneficial. However, it is important to remember that now is a time for grace and to consider what limitations may be loosened. Specific schedules and routines may not work for everyone at this point, especially during this unique time when children may need more encouragement and love than anything. Following are some ways to incorporate grace for ourselves while children are at home for an extended time while also recognizing their individual needs.

• Routines are helpful in providing stability and security for many children and adults. However in this time when our environment is ever-changing, sticking to a strict routine may be difficult for some and this is okay. Aim for a few specific areas to be incorporated into each day, even if it is just for short periods. Focus on the areas that you feel is most needed for your specific child. Specifically, incorporate areas that are difficult for your child that they would typically be working on in school or therapy (such as specific academics, physical skills). However, just as important – if not more important – is to make sure that children are also still incorporating the activities that make them feel happy (movement for sports, socializing, playing games), but doing so while always maintaining social and physical distance. Be creative in adapting ways to still engage in these areas while ensuring important social and physical distance; technology can greatly assist us in this.

• Incorporate at least a little movement every day even if it is not as much as they would typically move. The American Heart Association recommends for children ages 6 to 17 to spend at least 60 minutes, 3 times a week of moderate to vigorous movement. Depending on family’s circumstances this may be different for every family and again during this changing time this may be difficult. However, it is best to remember that if you are not able to do the required amount, some movement is always better than none.

• Throughout a typical day, children’s environments provide multiple sensory experiences (i.e. touch, sight, smell, noise, movement). These days most recently are not typical and therefore it is beneficial to incorporate various sensory experiences throughout the day, no matter what this looks like.

• Arguing between siblings may increase. Families are spending more time in direct contact with each other. Be aware of providing siblings with time to be alone and apart from each other (whether in different rooms or different parts of the house).

• Under typical circumstances, finding a balance with the amount of allowed screen time can be difficult. It is realistic to consider making adjustments to screen time, but to be mindful of how each individual child responds to increased or decreased screen time. This also includes awareness of the purpose of the increased screen time such as schoolwork, watching programs or movies, gaming, and social media.

• Be proactive in attempts to boost immunity. Healthy foods, movement, and fresh air (while practicing social distancing) all aid in this.

• Remember that a child’s behavior can be seen as a form of communication. Sometimes the best answer is just taking time to relax with no agenda, extra hugs, a quiet movie night, or another relaxing activity.

Refer to Orange City Area Health System’s Facebook group, Lemons to Lemonade, for additional ideas on exercise, relieving anxiety, as well as other additional ideas for health and wellness.

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