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Five babies. Five doctors. One hospital. One grandma.

So many babies in so little time.

Cheryl Kooiker, a Nurse Aide serving in our hospital and surgery center for over 12 years, celebrated the birth of FIVE grandbabies between April 2023 and January 2024. They were all born at Orange City Area Health System, and all were delivered by a different physician on our birthcare/family medicine team.

How cool is that?

Left to right: Dayna Kooiker from Sheldon with daughter Norah, born January 19, 2024; Christina Blankespoor from Sheldon with son Jensen, born October 19, 2023; Grandma Cheryl Kooiker; Shania Van Donkelaar from Hospers with daughter Stella, born May 26, 2023; Kelly Kooiker from Sheldon with son Oliver, born May 11, 2023; Rochelle Gritters from Hull with son Asher, born April 13, 2023.

Baby Norah was one of 26 babies born in our Birth Center in January. Wanna know the names of all the babes we welcomed last month? …

Eleanor, Zaelynn, Itzayana, Nayleah, Clara, Heidi (our New Year Baby!), Jadyn, Norah, Kennlee, Aaliyah, Willow, Selah, Julia, Lakelyn, Della

Nathan, Damian, Noah, Koden, Case, Ezra, Kayson, Grayson, Cooper, Knox