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All activities still on track, with something for all ages

The Family Safety Fair scheduled for May 1 in Orange City has been rescheduled for Wednesday, May 8, from 4-7pm in the downtown Windmill Park due to the weather forecast. All of the activities and attractions will be on hand as publicized. For a complete list of activities and an updated schedule please visit ocHealthSystem.org/educational-programs. The Family Safety Fair is sponsored by Orange City Area Health System, the City of Orange City, and the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council.


Mineral sanitizer enhances swimmer comfort

The two exercise pools and the warm-water therapy pool at Orange City Area Health System have recently changed to a saline-based sanitizing system. The sodium chloride solution provide a comfortable swimming environment, minimizing eye and skin irritation and reducing the unpleasant chlorine smell. In addition to user comfort, the new system is safe and sustainable. The low salinity environment — nearly identical to human tears — is produced on site, generating 58% less plastic waste than traditional plastic drum pool sanitizing systems, and requiring 50% less acid than the traditional form of chlorine to maintain optimal water pH levels. The two exercise/lap pools, located in the health system’s Aquatic Center in the Medical Office Building on the Orange City campus, offer low-impact cardiovascular exercise in a comfortable 84 degrees. They feature an adjustable current to swim or walk against. The pools are available to the public by reservation, Monday-Saturday. Approximately 250 members currently utilize the health system exercise/lap pools. An additional warm-water therapy pool is used for physical therapy by Therapeutic Health Services, also located in the Medical Office Building. For more information see ocHealthSystem.org/aquatic-center.