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The team you “kneed” – by Deb Dunlop

Note: Deb is an RN in our sports medicine clinic, working closely with Dr. Mark Muilenburg and Dr. Philip Van De Griend. She is also the honorable Mayor of Orange City. My oldest grandson, Kade, turned nine on March 11, 2017. When he was three and his brother, Grayson turned one, I realized the constant pain in both of my knees was preventing me from being the grandparent they deserved – and the grandparent I wanted to be at the age of 54. Getting up off the floor after playing cars was extremely difficult … playing ball outside was too painful … and I could barely move after our weekends together. I told Dr. Muilenburg, “I am not going to live like this,” and I requested a referral to Dr. Jacobson, orthopedic surgeon. He agreed and reassured me they were doing knee replacements in 50-year-olds quite frequently. Dr. Jacobson performed my first knee replacement on my left knee on 10/04/11 at Orange City Area Health System. The surgery was a gift – and I never looked back. Was the physical therapy and rehabilitation and recovery tough? You bet it was. But I had my grandsons as my goal and I pushed hard to recover quickly. Physical therapist Sue Blankers and her team at our health system made all the difference. I am very fortunate to work at Orange City Area Health System (OCAHS) with Dr. Muilenburg and have the perfect job for rehab, so I was back at work two weeks post-op because walking the hallways of the clinic was perfect therapy – and provided great motivation for me. Everyone’s recovery is different but with the team at OCAHS you can not help but be successful. So when May of 2012 rolled around I was excited to get my right knee replacement scheduled with Dr. Jacobson. In my opinion he is a rockstar! I am now six years out from my knee replacements, and grandson number three, Bennett, has joined the clan. I don’t even think about my knees anymore! I am forever grateful to Dr. Jacobson, the physical therapy/rehab team, and Orange City Area Health System for giving me life without pain.