Hospital acquires assets to expand therapy and wellness offerings

Marty Guthmiller, CEO of Orange City Area Health System (OCAHS) and Monica Aalbers, President/Owner of Orange City Physical Therapy LLC (OCPT), along with owners Mitch Aalbers, Kim and Sandra Norby, announced the signing of an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) between the two organizations. The APA calls for the acquisition of all assets by OCAHS with an effective date anticipated of June 30, 2018. “We are excited to welcome the OCPT professionals to our healthcare team,” stated Guthmiller, “expanding our service offerings and bringing a new, freestanding platform to our existing hospital-based physical and occupational therapy services. This will allow us to explore vital wellness opportunities – from personal and workplace wellness, to nutrition and weight loss programs – to better serve the region.” “We are thankful for the opportunity we have had to do business in Orange City,” added Aalbers. “It has been an honor to serve the community and our patients as Orange City Physical Therapy. We are eager to continue to provide high quality care at Orange City Area Health System. It is exciting to think about the future of healthcare and how this collaboration will benefit the community, and most importantly the patients we serve.” According to Guthmiller, a name change – reflecting the expanded health, wellness, and therapy services — will occur as a result of the APA, but the location of Orange City Physical Therapy will not. “It is our plan to continue services at the current, convenient location in downtown Orange City for the foreseeable future,” he explained. Orange City Area Health System’s Physical and Occupational Therapy center, managed by Brad Zwart and staffed by a team of professionals, is located on the health system’s main campus. “We warmly welcome Monica, her pediatric specialty, and her staff from Orange City Physical Therapy to our team,” stated Zwart. “This expanded capability and convenience will greatly assist us in caring for people throughout the region, at all stages of life, in new and exciting ways.” Brad Zwart, Manager, Orange City Area Physical and Occupational Therapy; Marty Guthmiller, CEO Orange City Area Health System; Monica Aalbers, President/Owner Orange City Physical Therapy