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BENEFITS OF CARDIAC REHAB – by Angela Boles, Cardiac Rehab Nurse

February 11-17 is National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week. All month we celebrate American Heart Month, but this week we honor cardiovascular professionals, and everyone involved in cardiac rehab – including our heart-healthy patients! Here’s a helpful article from our cardiac rehab nurse, Angela Boles, RN … Cardiac rehabilitation provides a path towards activity and support. It provides answers to questions regarding diseases, medications, and other concerns Cardiac rehab can benefit patients who are relatively fit, as well as older patients with complex health issues, even if they think rehab is not for them. We are starting to see a rise in younger patients ranging in age from 40s and 50s having heart events, so cardiac rehab is not just for the “older folk.” A lot of people think, “I don’t need the rehab, I can do this on my own,” but later find out they enjoy the socialization, enjoy the benefits of exercise, and know that they are being monitored by health professionals. Cardiac rehabilitation provides exercise training, advice for handling stress and depression, and improved eating and smoking cessation. However, only about one-third or fewer eligible cardiac patients get such care. Improving strength, balance, and overall physical function can help patients have the confidence to live independently. So there are so many benefits to cardiac rehab and if you have further questions or feel a family member could benefit from our program call 712-737-5289.