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Annual Report to our Communities 2023

Wellness for Life

Your place. For wellness. For life.

A message from our CEO Marty Guthmiller
I wrote this column while at the one place in my world that “COVID” never reached: my hobby farm North of Alton along the Floyd River. This parcel of land serves as a “centering” place where I can reflect, renew, and recharge my batteries.

Do you have a “place” – whether an actual physical space or a state of mind – where you can retreat, to revisit a sense of perspective, keep the little things little, prioritize, and commit your energies in the right direction?

A place of wellness.

Orange City Area Health System serves as a place of wellness for thousands of people in this region … for a lifetime of care. Our role in the communities we serve is to help you on your journey. From the birth of a baby, through youth sports. From age-appropriate screenings, through regular health maintenance. From annual physicals, diabetes education, surgical procedures, and women’s healthcare … through the golden years and senior care.

Wellness is not just physical activity or diet. It’s not just medical or mental health. Wellness for life also includes social connectedness and trust in your healthcare partners.

We hope Orange City Area Health System will continue to serve as your place to receive that trusted care.