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A birthcare testimonial

by Jade and Max Wolgen

“We are SO thankful to Orange City Area Health System for providing us with such tremendous care during our time in the hospital! It can sound cliché, but we truly felt like the nurses, doctors, and all hospital staff that we had took every opportunity to love us well. During the whole labor, delivery, and postpartum stay, we were very supported and encouraged with not only words, but also with actions, which really makes a difference!

This was shown in many ways, but one thing that really stuck out was how everyone in the Birth Center respected our preferences for our birth, and in turn, we felt as though we could easily respect their advice and encouragement as professionals. The nurses continually reminded us of how capable we were, and we were especially grateful to Dr. Hanson for praying with us as a family right after our baby was born – that meant the most to us!

We were so blessed to have the experience that we did, and that was in huge part to the people that truly took such great care of us in every part of our stay!”

Jade and Max Wolgen from Sioux Center, with baby Malachi