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Virtual Adult Run Club

From Amanda Keller, Aspire Therapy & Wellness

I am so excited to launch our “virtual adult run club” during this time of social distancing.  The video shown here introduces the concept, and here are more details, including why this is so important.

One of the recommendations I have seen over and over when experts, scientists, and doctors talk about ways to prevent possible Coronavirus infection is … to be a healthy adult.  Some health factors are certainly out of our control due to things like genetics and family history for example.  But even with a sad family history, there are many variables we DO have the privilege to make choices about every single day!  Do we eat healthy meals at home?  Do we regularly get adequate sleep and hydration?
And the one I am here to encourage us in … is physical activity a priority in our everyday lives?  Friends it is NEVER to late to start and studies show us that going from not being physically active to doing even 10-20 minutes a day has a powerful impact on both our physical and mental health!!  Are you lacing up your shoes yet?  Just sharing info like this makes me excited!!
Ok, so that’s the why – your health matters, now more than ever!!
What is a virtual run club?  I’m glad you asked!
This is us, as a community, making choices to intentionally get out and move the body God has gifted to us.  Maybe you are not a runner (yet). That is totally fine … you can join us by walking or even riding a bike.  We don’t have access to fitness facilities right now, but it IS ok to be outside as long as you are not presenting signs of illness and respecting whatever the current social distancing guidelines are!  {If we get new or different guidelines from IDPH or CDC we will let you know!}
Each week I will lay out a plan on our Facebook page (OCAHS Yoga and Fitness and Lemons to Lemonade) with both suggestions of what to do and possible routes to run (walk or bike).  I will outline suggestions for beginners and more advanced runners.  Make the plan fit into your week – however that looks and of course have fun with it!!
Each week we will provide a place for you to record your mileage.
Oh and we will throw in some weekly challenges and prizes at the end!!
Let’s get going!