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The Patient Channel now available at Orange City Area Health System

Helps Patients, Families Better Understand Health

The Patient Channel is now available at Orange City Area Health SystemThis 24-hour patient education TV channel provides topical, network-quality programming delivered to hospital patient rooms and waiting rooms. The goal of the channel is to educate patients and their families to increase their awareness of medical issues, encourage informed communication with Medical Providers, improve their ability to make informed decisions, and promote a sense of empowerment during the times when accurate information is most needed.  

Programming on The Patient Channel covers a wide spectrum of topics including asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, smoking cessation, parenting, health/wellness, and other healthcare topics.  New programs are added throughout the year. The educational content on The Patient Channel is controlled by independent advisory boards, consisting of experts in medicine, patient care, education and ethics, whose objective is to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of programming.

For patients, their relatives and friends, The Patient Channel integrates seeing and hearing which helps in the retention of information.  And the television medium is one that most people have in their home and with which they are comfortable. Furthermore, the channel standardizes and increases access to patient education content 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week. 

As a subscriber to The Patient Channel and also The Newborn Channel, Orange City Area Health System patients, families, and residents can also access the programming “On Demand” from their computers, tablets, or smart phones any time. Access to the on-demand programming is at www.thepatientchannelnow.com with the health system’s password of 07131.