The Radiology Center at Orange City Area Health System is a comprehensive multi-modality imaging center offering advanced technology and skilled staff.

You do have a choice regarding where you receive your imaging studies. We want to make it easy to make that choice for you or a family member – with state-of-the-art, quality medical imaging services provided in an efficient and caring manner. Our imaging services include:

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) – Using magnetic fields and radio waves, an MRI system produces high-resolution, high-quality, detailed images of the human body, aiding in the visualization and detection of pathological changes within organs, blood vessels, bones and various other types of soft-tissue structures.


radiology1(1)Computed Tomography (CT) – Sometimes called CAT scan, CT uses special x-ray equipment to obtain images from different angles around the body, and then uses computer processing to demonstrate a cross-section of body tissues and organs. CT imaging is particularly useful for visualizing several types of tissue — bone, soft tissue, and blood vessels — with great clarity.






Color Coding for Kids minimizes radiation in CT scans

There’s no question that CT scans can save kids’ lives. But radiation matters, especially when it comes to pediatric imaging. Orange City Area Health System (OCAHS) has made a commitment to “Image Gently,” using not only specific techniques to minimize radiation dose, but also using the latest technology and software. The health system’s GE Brightspeed CT scanner uses “Color Coding for Kids,” a unique technology that delivers up to 40% reduction in radiation dose along the entire body with no compromise in image quality. According to Darin Blankespoor, Radiology Manager for OCAHS, “This technology, and the protocols, help us conform to the standard radiation safety principle ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable).” In addition, the OCAHS team of radiologic technologists have made the “Image Gently” pledge, committing that “every imaging study in pediatric patients is thoughtful, appropriate, and indicated for each and every child.” CT (Computerized Tomography) is a valuable tool for diagnosing injury and disease, explains Blankespoor, and ultimately improves patient outcomes. According to Image Gently — the awareness campaign by the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging — the radiation used in X-rays and CT scans has been compared to the background radiation (in soil, rocks, air, water, and other sources) that we are exposed to daily. But the new technology, software, and protocols help ensure that children are exposed to the smallest amount of radiation possible during an imaging study. In addition to the Image Gently pledge, the Orange City Area Health System medical team has committed to the “Image Wisely” standards for adult CT scans.


Mammography – Mammography is a type of diagnostic imaging that uses low-dose x-rays (radiographs) to examine breasts. Mammograms are used as a screening tool to detect breast cancer. Orange City Area Health System offers full-field digital mammography for the very best image quality for early detection and diagnosis.

radiology4Ultrasound – Also called ultrasound scanning or sonography – ultrasound obtains images of internal organs by sending high-frequency sound waves into the body. The sound wave echoes are recorded and displayed as a real-time visual image. These images often provide information that’s valuable in diagnosing and treating a variety of diseases and conditions.

Bone Densitometry – Also called Dual Energy Xray Absorptiometry (DEXA), this is an advanced form of x-ray technology used to measure bone loss. It is the standard for measuring bone mineral density (BMD).

Achilles test heel scan brochure

PET/CT – Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computerized Tomography (CT) are both standard imaging tools that allow physicians to pinpoint the location of disease within the body before making treatment recommendations. The highly sensitive PET scan detects the metabolic signal of actively growing cancer cells in the body and the CT scan provides a detailed picture of the internal anatomy that reveals the location, size and shape of abnormal cancerous growths. Alone, each imaging test has particular benefits and limitations but when the results of PET and CT scans are “fused” together, the combined image provides complete information on cancer location and metabolism.

Nuclear Medicine Imaging – Nuclear medicine is a subspecialty within the field of radiology that uses very small amounts of radioactive material to diagnose disease and other abnormalities within the body. Nuclear medicine imaging procedures are noninvasive and usually painless medical tests that help physicians diagnose medical conditions. A special imaging devices works together with a computer to measure the amount of radiotracer absorbed by your body and to produce special pictures offering details on both the structure and function of organs and other internal body parts.

Nuclear medicine imaging scans are performed to:


  • analyze kidney function
  • visualize heart blood flow and function
  • scan lungs for respiratory and blood flow problems
  • identify blockage in the gallbladder
  • evaluate bones for fracture, infection, arthritis and tumors
  • determine the presence or spread of cancer
  • identify bleeding into the bowel
  • locate the presence of infection
  • measure thyroid function to detect an overactive or underactive thyroid
  • investigate abnormalities in the brain
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