Want to work side-by-side with ER physicians and RNs?  How about the adrenaline rush from 911 calls where you work the scene with EMTs and then bringing patients to the ER?  Now what about transferring that same patient and answering questions about a treatment plan? These are all things that Orange City Area Health System offers in its Paramedic position! See below regarding additional requirements for the position, although we are guessing that if you have read this far you probably have what it takes!  

Number of Hours: 
Full-time:  36 hours/week
Casual:  0–12 hours/week

Full-time: 3 shifts per week.  24 hour shift of on-site, 7 am – 7 pm, and then on call 7 pm – 7 am.  Every 4th weekend & holiday.
Casual: No regular schedule, fill-in as needed.  24 hour shift of on-site 7 am – 7 pm and then on call 7 pm – 7 am.  Will be required to work ER/Ambulance 1 day shift in a 4 week period.

Educational Requirements:  Iowa Paramedic, BLS, ACLS required. NRP, PHTLS certifications preferred.

Other:  Will be required to be within 5 minute response range of the hospital when on call. Sleep apartments are available onsite.