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Cook, Prairie Ridge Care Center

The Prairie Ridge Care Center (PRCC) Cook prepares meals for residents, staff and visitors.  He/she serves customers and is involved in clean up.  The Cook has responsibility for delivering food to the various cottages of PRCC, cleanup of cooking areas and items, operating the dish machine as needed, doing assigned cleaning and mopping as needed.  He/she puts away dishes, stocks items, and services the Sidewalk Café window as needed. He/she sets up, delivers, and cleans up for special dining events. All cooks work all three shifts.  

Number of Hours:   Full-time:  32 – 37.5 hours/week

Full-time: 4 shifts one week; 5 shifts the following, alternating weekends (Sat and Sun 11:00am-7:00pm) and alternating holidays. 
We seek to train our cooks for all three shifts:
5am – 1pm
11:15am – 7:15pm
11:30am – 7:30pm

Fill in for co-workers as appropriate.

Educational Requirements:  High school diploma desired.  He/she must take a modified diet and sanitation course provided through the dietary department.

Other:  The applicant must have good interpersonal skills, be willing to fill in as needed and be a team player. He/she must be well organized and able to follow directions.  Cooking experience a plus.