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Going green for life

One of the Core Values at Orange City Area Health System – Integrity, “do the right thing” – includes “be good stewards of the resources entrusted to you. One of the ways we attempt to do that is through our “green” initiatives, coordinated and promoted by our Green Team. Just as we care for you and your family, we care for the environment, and have launched many programs and practices over the past several years. Some of those practices include: • Recycling – Paper recycling bins are located throughout each of our campuses, and employees are encouraged to recycle everything from magazines to non-confidential documents. – Since beginning our cardboard recycling program, we have saved approximately $40 per month in sanitation fees, and have delivered about 100 tons of cardboard to the recycling facility. – Other regular recycling initiatives include batteries, cell phones, computers, and other electronics. • Styrofoam and other paper products in dietary have been significantly reduced. Our cafeteria only offers Styrofoam containers upon request, and for a fee. To demonstrate the fact that Styrofoam does not decompose for hundreds of years under any normal circumstances, our Green Team created a meal worm aquarium. Meal worms are the only way to break down Styrofoam. Ask our maintenance team to see it sometime! • Between 2007 and 2012 … we eliminated all mercury from our facility … started using coreless toilet paper … switched to “cling” garbage bags in waste- baskets so they can be reused … donated used mattresses to missions … and became a Soles for Souls drop-off location. • Many of our cleaning products are environmentally safe, and we use Grow Green organic fertilizer on our main campus and senior care campus lawns.
Dan Thompson, in our Maintenance Department, takes good care of the grounds at our main campus and senior care campus. He applies Grow Green lawn food soil conditioner, which is made by a local company from 100% chicken manure. This also helps ensure the health of the pond (and its inhabitants) behind our hospital and next to the PuddleJumper Trail.