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FREE cataract screening extended to Thursdays in July!

For Cataract Awareness Month


Due to popular demand, our free cataract screenings are offered throughout July as well! Call today to schedule.

Call 712-737-5241 to schedule a free cataract screening during Cataract Awareness Month.

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Dr. VandenBosch in our Ophthalmology Clinic is offering eye examinations FREE OF CHARGE to determine if you are a good candidate for cataract surgery. 


If Dr. Vanden Bosch determines that you are a good candidate for cataract surgery, and you wish to proceed with this process, he will order Biometry Imaging to determine what type of lenses will work best for your needs (this will be billed through your insurance). 

Formal Consultation 

The next step will be to schedule a formal cataract consultation. If desired, we can complete this consultation the same day as your free screening following your imaging. At this visit, Dr. Vanden Bosch will discuss your Biometry Imaging and the cataract procedure with you. He will also use this time to review pre- and post-op instructions as well as information about the procedure. 

Scheduling Your Procedure

Following your formal consultation, one of our Ophthalmology nurses will assist you by adding you to our surgical schedule. Dr. VandenBosch offers surgical services at Orange City Area Health System on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. 

Post Op Follow Up Visit 

Dr. Vanden Bosch will examine you a few hours after your surgery to assess your comfort level prior to going home. After this follow-up exam, our office partners with your local Optometry Office who will offer a series of follow-up appointments to ensure your healing is on track.

Call 712-737-5241 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Vanden Bosch.