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FertilityCare practitioners: here to help achieve or avoid pregnancy

Are you hoping to achieve a pregnancy? Or are you looking for a natural way to avoid pregnancy? Do you have concerns about hormone issues? The Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System is a great way to get started!

The Orange City Area Health System FertilityCare Center, located within Orange City Area Health System’s family medicine clinic, is a medically supervised program available for learning the Creighton Model.

The Creighton Model teaches women and couples how to identify fertile and infertile days in the menstrual cycle. The system is based on observations and tracking of physical signs of fertility, or biomarkers. This helps the couple to use this information to achieve or avoid a pregnancy. Research has shown this method is 99.5% accurate with perfect use and 96.8% accurate with typical use. These biomarkers can also identify problems with a woman’s health. As an additional benefit, couples typically report an increase in communication and satisfaction as a couple and a new appreciation for understanding how their bodies work. The system is easy to learn, standardized, and designed to fit your needs. The first step is attending an Introductory Session which explains the program. Then individual follow-up sessions are scheduled with a practitioner with the purpose of teaching, supporting, reviewing the chart, and assessing instructions. There are typically eight follow-up sessions in the first year. All services are private and confidential.

We have two registered nurses who are FertilityCare Practitioners or Interns at the Orange City Area Health System FerilityCare Center, and one more nurse that will train this summer. These classes are conducted in our clinic on an individual basis. They are coordinated with Dr. Harrison Hanson and Dr. Allison Schoenfelder, family practice physicians at Orange City Area Health System, who are also certified medical consultants trained in NaPro Technology.

NaPro Technology is a science that these providers use to help patients with infertility, recurrent miscarriages, PMS, ovarian cysts, menopause, and a variety of reproductive issues. They use the standardized charting of the Creighton Model as a tool to assist them in identifying indicators – or problems – and prescribing treatments on an individual basis.

If you are interested in learning the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, please call the clinic at 712-737-2000 to schedule a visit with Dr. Hanson or Dr. Schoenfelder for discussion of our services.

FertilityCare™ practitioners Anita Schneider, Liz Kruse, and Rhonda Heller offer personal, confidential one-on-one sessions with women and couples regarding the Creighton Model, a medically-supervised program for achieving or avoiding pregnancy.