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The doctor will see you now ~ Dr. Jacobson

Chances are, if you or a loved one has had an orthopedic procedure done at Orange City Area Health System – including ACL repairs, shoulder surgeries, or total knee replacements – you were in the good hands of Dr. Thomas Jacobson. “Jake” has been part of our team, coming to Orange City for over 20 years from CNOS in Dakota Dunes. Good news! Dr. Jacobson is now seeing patients and doing surgical procedures every week! He schedules surgeries on Tuesdays, and sees patients for evaluation and follow-up in our specialty/outreach clinic on Thursdays. Dr. Jacobson works closely with your family physician, our sports medicine doctors, and our physical therapists to offer you skilled and experienced solutions right here, close to home. If you need a certain procedure just ask, “Can I have it here?” To see Dr. Jacobson, you can get a referral from your family medicine provider or call 712-737-5276.