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With Fall, comes concussions

~by Dr. Philip Van De Griend   Fall is one of my favorite times of year: cooler weather, the leaves change their color…and football starts! However, the hard hits of football also bring concussions. The definition of a concussion has changed over the past several years. The current definition of a concussion is a complex pathophysiologic process affecting the brain caused by a head injury. We now know that you do not need to have a loss of consciousness to have a concussion. You simply need a head injury and any neurologic symptoms (see table below). Also, concussions are no longer graded as mild, moderate, or severe. You either have a concussion or you don’t. Period. Diagnosis and Symptoms: A concussion is a clinical diagnosis based on the patient’s injury mechanism and symptoms. They need to have some type of head injury and at least one of these symptoms: Headache,

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