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The best day of our lives

From Nic and Christine Smit … with baby Maddox …
“Orange City Area Health System will forever be a special place for our family. As first time parents, we walked in a bit nervous, a bit excited, and a bit scared. While we had never been to OCAHS, we felt welcome immediately. When we met the nursing staff and Dr. Millard, we knew this was the group of people we wanted to be with when we met our daughter for the first time. “Over the next months, we truly looked forward to going to the hospital to check up on our little girl. We felt comfort in meeting with the staff, and reassured in that there were no stupid questions. It was a the perfect blend of allowing us to do the things we felt comfortable with, and keeping us comfortable with the decisions we were making during the pregnancy. “Seven months after we first walked into Orange City Area Health System, we experienced the best day of our lives, the birth of Maddox Janine. The staff was truly great, Dr. Millard was the best guy you could want in the delivery room, and the nurses were just absolutely wonderful. “As Maddox inches toward walking, we’ve come to realize the issues and obstacles of raising a child. Whether it be an ear infection or an immunization, we feel more than blessed to have Dr. Millard and the rest of the staff at Orange City Area Health System along for the ride in raising our baby girl.” P.S.  The food was amazing!