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Direct Test patient access laboratory testing

Convenient laboratory testing

Orange City Area Health System’s laboratory offers Direct Test Patient Testing, allowing you to order several lab tests quickly and conveniently without visiting your doctor. All testing is done in our accredited laboratory by our professional lab staff.

Direct Test allows you to monitor certain ongoing health risks or to assess for potential health risks.

They are a helpful tool but are not to be used as a substitute to visiting with your family medicine provider regularly. Data derived from these tests may not be conclusive. Testing may vary depending on age, sex, time of day the sample is taken, diet, medications, and the limits of modern technology.

Keep in mind that a normal result does not guarantee you do not need medical attention, and an abnormal result may not necessarily be abnormal for you based on your complete medical history.

Test results will be sent to you via MyChart, so it is necessary for you (or your dependents) to have a MyChart account. Please click here to access MyChart.

The following tests are available through Direct Test for our patients:
Lipid Panel ($25)
Complete Blood Count ($15)
Folate ($30)
Vitamin B12 ($30)
Fasting Blood Sugar ($10)
Magnesium ($10)
Ferritin ($20)
Testosterone, Total ($30)
Hemoglobin A1C ($20)
Vitamin D ($45)
Insulin ($30)
Progesterone ($30)
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone ($25)
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel ($25)
Prostate Specific Antigen ($30)
ABO/Rh Blood Typing ($20)

Note: payment is due at time of service