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Orange City Area Health System has been named one of the Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals in the United States by The Chartis Center for Rural Health. Regarded as one of the industry’s most significant designations of performance excellence, the annual Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals award is based upon the results of the Hospital Strength INDEX® from iVantage Health Analytics.  

“We are humbled to receive this designation,” remarked Marty Guthmiller, CEO of Orange City Area Health System. “It is a true reflection of the skill and compassion of not only our direct-caregiving staff, but also all our staff who support them.”  

Hospitals recognized as a Top 100 facility scored in the top 100 among all Critical Access Hospitals nationally. Now in its ninth year, the INDEX leverages 50 rural-relevant indicators across eight pillars of hospital strength (i.e. Inpatient Market Share, Outpatient Market Share, Cost, Charge, Quality, Outcomes, Patient Perspective, and Financial Stability) to determine an overall score for each hospital. Each of the INDEX’s 50 indicators is culled from publicly-available data sources.  

“In an era of increased complexity and uncertainty, Top 100 hospitals have established themselves as a bellwether for rural provider performance,” said Michael Topchik, National Leader of The Chartis Center for Rural Health. “Top 100 status is a real indicator of how proactive these hospitals are when it comes to pushing for performance improvement in areas such as quality, outcomes, patient safety, market share and finance.”    

Top 100 Critical Access Hospital Resources: The list of this year’s Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals, as well as the 2019 INDEX methodology, can be found at www.ivantageindex.com/top-performing-hospitals.

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Orange City Area Home Health & Hospice, a department of Orange City Area Health System, recently achieved “We Honor Veterans” Partner Level Four, the highest recognition of the We Honor Veterans program. According to the organization, Level Four “reflects Orange City Area Hospice’s continuing commitment and dedication to ensuring Veterans have access to quality end-of-life care.”

There are only six agencies in the state of Iowa that have achieved Level Four certification, and Orange City Area Hospice is the only Level Four Partner in Northwest Iowa.

We Honor Veterans is a program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). This pioneering program recognizes the unique needs of America’s veterans and their families. Community providers, in partnership with VA staff, help accompany and guide them through their life stories toward a more peaceful ending.

“It is an honor and privilege to walk alongside our Veterans and their families during the last months of their life,” said Lisa Hofmeyer, RN, Orange City Area Home Health & Hospice Manager. “Our commitment includes showing them appreciation for their service, recognizing their sacrifice, providing resources and support unique to their life journey, and encouraging opportunities for healing.”

The goal of the We Honor Veterans program is to care for and honor those who have served when they reach the end of life. By working through the partner levels and participating in community partnerships and collaborations, partner organizations are able to educate, engage, and expand awareness to Veterans and their families, according to WeHonorVeterans.org.

A pinning ceremony is offered to Veteran patients and their families by the Orange City Area Home Health & Hospice staff and volunteers.

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We take every patient satisfaction survey very seriously. And we love being able to share positive comments with our staff. Here are the recent patient comments regarding their experiences in our Surgery Center. Thank you for trusting us with your surgical needs!
• From the time we checked in until we were able to leave after my daughter’s surgery, our experience was exceptional. The nurse who checked us in before surgery was so great. The anesthetist was phenomenal, explaining everything that would happen so my daughter wouldn’t be scared. Your staff and hospital blew me away. Everyone had a smile on their face. Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable, and reassuring. You have a phenomenal hospital fueled by incredible people. Thank-you for such a tremendous experience. I will highly recommend OCAHS and the doctor to family and friends.
• In all of our visits to both the clinic and the hospital, we have always been very pleased with the facilities and the staff. Orange City should be very thankful for the quality of medical care here! On the reverse side of this form, I would have marked everything “excellent”.
• Like the ability to coordinate colonoscopy and thyroid scan the same day.
• I have been so thankful for all the staff! Since changing my health care to OCAHS, I have gotten nothing less than the best care!
• This was his 2nd surgery here. Both times the staff and nurses took excellent care of him.
• I liked the reassurance by the nurse and honesty by the staff when they made a small mistake.
• You could put a sign on the wall in each room offering someone to pray with people before they go into surgery. This avoids anyone being asked verbally and having to say “no”, but also allows for those who would like that service.
• All staff was very friendly, listened attentively, and answered questions whenever possible or told us who would know.
• Awesome nurses! So helpful and understanding.
• The nurse in charge of my visit was excellent and easy to communicate with as were the rest of the support staff. Very happy with OCAHS! Excellent care! Thanks to all involved.
• Everything went very well.
• It was all excellent. The food/service was also excellent. It’s all about the staff and they are amazing, happy, helpful, and polite.
• My overall experience could have been improved by a longer bed and a nice wine with dinner
• It was a very good experience, as good as surgeries can be. It was an icy day, and I was called and asked to park at the door and someone would park my car for me. Very courteous and thoughtful.
• Prompt and on-schedule!
• In a hospital setting, I’m not sure you care like is advertised; when you advertise, and patients are treated with care, that means a lot!! Very professionally done with everything!
• Liked the efficiency.
• Liked the drugs and wonderful staff. Nurses were wonderful; doctors were professional. Thankful for you all.
• My nurse was amazing! Nice nap. Everyone was great!
• I liked having the procedure first thing in the morning. No need for improvement. Everything went well; was a positive experience.
• I truly can’t see how it could be any better. The OCAHS staff is very admirable and professionally polite.
• Liked the care, concern, respect, and information provided, not only to me, but also to my husband.
• Nothing you can do about it, but make the colonoscopy prep easier. I guess it’s worth it in the long run.
• If people are not satisfied with local area doctors or hospitals, we always tell them to try OCAHS, and they will never go back to where they were before.
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