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From our CEO Marty Guthmiller

On behalf of our Board of Trustees and the entire staff at Orange City Area Health System, I am pleased to present our 2012 Report to the Community. We are so blessed to have a loyal and growing patient base supported by not only a wonderful staff but our 200 volunteers as well. To all of you, we say a heartfelt “thanks!” Over six years ago we were fortunate to open our new health campus. After numerous design awards over the years after opening, we were again pleased this year to be named Number 8 in Soliant Health’s Top 20 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the United States. While it is nice to be recognized this way, we are again reminded that it’s our people – not the “brick and mortar” – that truly makes a difference. Others may be able to imitate our design, but few can meet the quality, compassion, and concern that our staff and volunteers offer. This concept, not the building, is what we care about and commit our focus to. Hopefully, this is a clear difference observed by our patients and the communities we serve. Thanks again for another great year!