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This past October, employees of Vogel Paint Corporation were offered the chance to contribute to Orange City’s new senior care facility, with the promise of a corporate match. They rose to the challenge and helped “Fulfill the Promise” for the new facility by donating $17,400. With Vogel’s corporate match, they were able to present a check to Orange City Area Health Foundation for $34,900.

“This generous gift form the Vogel employees and employer match brings us within striking distance of our $3 million goal,” reports Dan McCarty, COO of Orange City Area Health System, which is developing the new senior care facility on the north edge of Orange City. “Reaching this goal will ensure the project’s funding; but more importantly will make a strong statement to our seniors, that being we love you enough to donate $3 million to your new home. That’s impressive and inspiring.”

David Vander Werff, Director of Human Resources for Vogel Paint Corp., added, “The Vogel employees really showed a tremendous amount of support as we received donations toward the new senior center.  The employee response was over the top of our expectations and then the company match partnered with us to double the contributions. Seeing our employees support one of our stakeholders, the Orange City area community, in this way was very honoring.”

McCarty adds that the Vogel donation takes the current total to $2.95 million on the $3 million goal. “The Community campaign will put us over,” he reports. “We are wrapping up the campaign by December 23. Please consider contributing.”

Information about the senior care project can be found at ocHealthSystem.org or by calling McCarty at 737-5374.