The Orange City Area Health System makes every effort to provide the best possible customer service to our patients and their families. As part of that effort we request that our patients complete a satisfaction survey. Listed below are some of the comments we have received. We take pride that we are able to provide a level of care that meets the needs and expectations of our patients.


  • Everyone was great!  I felt very welcome during the whole time and so did my guests.
  • I could not find better nurses or doctors.  I have bragged about it and have recommended OCAHS since I have been home.  Could not get better help!
  • The doctor is a good physician – really listens to concerns!
  • Both the ER doctor and another physician checked with Mayo transplant doctors to make sure it was just the flu.  They treat me with extra care.  Thank you!


  • The admission’s clerk checked us in and did a wonderful job and was very friendly.  When calling in our meals, the people were so friendly to work with and went the extra mile multiple times to meet our desires.  Way to go!  Our nurses all did a wonderful job!  We were so blessed by them.  The delivery nurse was so caring and did a wonderful job.  The doctor did a fantastic job!  It’s so wonderful to see a physician care for you not only as a patient but as a fellow brother and sister in Christ.  Our discharge nurse did a wonderful job too!  It was great to see what a great teaching hospital OCAHS is.  My sister was in on delivery due to the fact that she wants to go into the medical field.  It was wonderful how the nurses, doctors, and anesthetist all took the time to explain things to her.  Thank you for that!


  • All were very concerned that all possibilities of getting well were covered.  Each new person that served me was special.  Excellent and concern for personal recovery.
  • The staff treated us all with equal concern, care, patience, and respect.  We had a great experience as out-of-town visitors.
  • I have never been to a hospital where the staff was so friendly and made you feel so good under their care.
  • I was injured in another town and drove to Orange City to be cared for.
  • Very pleased with OCAHS from the time we checked into ER to the time we left.  Makes me and my family feel great knowing that we have such a wonderful hospital in our area!


  • Exceptional helpfulness and attentiveness of entire staff.  It was absolutely the best!  The service was extraordinary – no need for improvement!  Due to an error on my part, I arrived a day early for my colonoscopy appointment.  The staff coordinated excellently and worked me into the morning’s schedule.  For this I am extremely grateful and do appreciate the courtesy.
  • Friendly to patients but also appreciated hearing the nurses and other staff talking together with respect and enjoyment.  Discreet and respectful of my feelings.
  • All the staff introduced themselves; also loved the warmed blankets.  We were given a lot of info ahead of time.  Very good!
  • The coordination by staff on all levels was exemplary.  Totally impressed with with courtesy, coordination, and professionalism.
  • I think your hospital meets the standards of a large hospital and is much more friendly.

Laboratory, Radiology/Imaging, Oncology

  • We are very fortunate to have OCAHS in our area and so accessible.  Thanks for all you do to maintain this excellent facility!
  • Everyone was very congenial and helpful.  Easy conversing with everyone.
  • OCAHS is blessed to have the quality of staff they have hired.  I feel they are a family working together to provide excellent care and service to all who enter their doors.


  • I recommend OCAHS/Hospers Clinic to all my family.  I LOVE it!!!
  • I am treated like I am the only one and the office can be filled.  My provider is exceptional – very thorough, very kind, and treats you like you are very special. Her true concern shows whether you have little or big problems.
  • I am very happy with clinic and doctor.  I wish I could get this kind of service elsewhere.
  • The provider explained things well with a diagram on the white board.  It’s great having all the x-ray and MRI images available on the screens!


  • The ad slogan of “Can I have it here?” was quite meaningful as I experienced a surgical procedure “close to home.”  As a hospital employee, I was able to experience the excellent care of my surgery co-workers and also that of the med-surg nursing staff.  I and my family were treated with dignity and respect and definitely felt “cared for” by the professional and very well-qualified staff.  What a blessing to return only blocks away for follow-up appointments and on-going treatment from an excellent physical therapy group as well.  Thanks to all of you!