Thursday, September 25 • 3-6pm at Prairie Ridge Care Center, 1005 7th Street NE in Orange City.
Treats • giveaways • tours • information • on site interviews. Call 712-737-5237 for more information.

PRCC Cottage Leader (RN)
The Prairie Ridge Cottage Leader acts as team leader at Prairie Ridge Care Center.  S/he supervises, coordinates, and evaluates the nursing operations within the cottage to provide quality resident care.  S/he also assists with supervising, coordinating, and evaluating the staff, supplies, and equipment within the cottage.  S/he also possesses primary responsibility for all MDS, care plan and related work for that cottage. (Full-time)
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Home Health & Hospice Aide
The Home Health & Hospice Aide makes a difference in the lives of others by providing compassionate personal care to those we serve in home health & hospice. Duties include bathing, dressing, exercises, toileting, and other personal care as well as comfort and supportive care, meal preparation, light housekeeping and respite. All age ranges are served (children to elderly). (Casual)
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Hospital Paramedic
The Hospital Paramedic will provide direct patient care to patients requiring emergency treatment and transport, in the out of hospital setting, and during inter-facility transports.  He/she will be an active member of the OCAHS ambulance team.  He/she will also assist with inpatient and outpatient services within his/her scope of practice to include assisting with respiratory treatments, EKG’s, injections, infusions, and patient monitoring during procedures.  He/she will also assist with patient care in the emergency room. (Casual)
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Host/Hostess – PRCC
The Prairie Ridge Care Center (PRCC) Host/Hostess is largely responsible for setting the welcoming, home like atmosphere in the cottage to which s/he is assigned.  S/he sets tables, greets residents coming to the dining room, serves the meals, clears tables, does scheduled the activities with residents as well as spontaneous activities throughout the day, serves snack times for residents, staff and visitors, and in general watches over and spends time with residents making the cottage a home.  (Casual)
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Cook Assistant/Runner – Hospital
The Cook Assistant-Runner delivers meal trays to hospital patients, washes pots and pans, operates the dish machine, and does assigned cleaning and mopping.  She/he puts away dishes, stocks items and helps set up, deliver, and clean up for special dining events as needed. (Casual)
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The Housekeeper is responsible for general housekeeping duties including dusting, window washing, cleaning rooms, mopping, vacuuming, and other duties.  He/she also cleans and makes beds. (Casual)
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The Prairie Ridge Care Center (PRCC) Cook prepares meals for residents, staff and visitors.  He/she serves customers and is involved in clean up.  The Cook has responsibility for delivering food to the various cottages of PRCC, cleanup of cooking areas & items, operating the dish machine as needed, doing assigned cleaning and mopping as needed.  He/she puts away dishes, stocks items, and services the Sidewalk Café window as needed.  He/she sets up, delivers, and cleans up for special dining events. (Casual)
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Senior Care Nurse Assistant
The Nurse Assistant provides personal and supportive care to residents at Prairie Ridge Care Center. (Full-time or Part-time or Casual)
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Full-time: 32-40 hours/week – Part-time: 15-31 hours/week – Casual: 0-14 hours/week



Orange City Area Health System Is An Equal Opportunity Employer